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Our Story

Panneer Jewels was founded in the year 1962 by Mr.Ramaswamy Achary. He successfully handle the business uptill year 1970. After the demise of the Great personality, his son Mr. Panneer Hariputhiran Achary proudly carried the business on his shoulder with huge responsibility and took the business to a great level with many years of experinece in Selling, Designing & Repairing high quality jewellery for both men & women. After the getting the business on the higher standand unfortunately Mr. Panneer Hariputhiran Achary passed away and handle the resposibility to his talented and hardworking son Mr.R.P.Ramaswamy Achary in the year 2018. With the excellent customer service expected of a family-run business, combined with modern techniques and expertise, Panner Jewels is the perfect place for discerning customers.

Our Collection

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